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Maggie Valley, NC

June 30 - July 5-6, 2018

Over the last two years, our chapter as taken at least one trip to the mountains each year.  This year is no different!  We are planning to head to Maggie Valley to escape some of the summer heat and take in the mountain views.

We are planning to be in Maggie Valley starting Sunday, July 1 departing Thursday, July 5.  Hotel reservations can be made at the Best Western Mountainbrook Inn. Currently as of today (3/11) rates are running between $85.00 and $100.00 a night plus 12% tax for a total of about $400.00 for the 4-nights. Here is the link to the Best Western Mountainbrook Inn so you can make your reservations.  And hurry these rates will not last.

Our current plan is to leave the Central Florida area on Saturday, June 30 and ryde via secondary roads up to Commerce, GA where we will stop for the night. (Hotel: Best Western Commerce, current rates are between $71.99 and $99.99 plus tax).  We will leave Commerce Sunday morning and will head toward the Mountains via the Moonshiner 28 and Blue Ridge Parkway.

This year our plan will be a little different then in past years.  We will post a number of various routes that folks can take. There will be a couple of group rydes but if someone wants to venture out on their own that is also welcomed.  Check back often for more information.  Below are some photos and videos from last year.

Trip Agenda

Day 1, Saturday, June 30 - Will be a 458 mile ryde. Our route will have us stopping about every 1hr to 1-1/2hrs for either a 5 minute fluid stop or 10 minute fuel and fluid stop.  We will break for 30-minutes in Lyons GA for lunch at Subway (time yet to be figured) before head up to Commerce (see above for Hotel link). The plan is for those looking to leave Central Florida as a group we will be leaving the Racetrac in Eustis at 6:30am. Our next departing location will be in Jacksonville at Circle K which is located at 1081 US-301 S, Jacksonville, FL 32234 around 9am

Day 2, Sunday, July 1 - Will be a 148 miles of fun filled roads.  Were we will run the most of the Moonshiner 28 with a stop at Dry Falls for 15 minutes. After leaving Dry Falls we will head towards the Blue Ridge Parkway and stop at Cut Off Ridge for another 15 minute stop. We should be in Maggie around 12:30 / 1:00 pm where we can find lunch before looking to check-in.

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Rydes and Routes - Click Route Names for GPX files

Caesar's Head and Wayah Road Trip via South Carolina: (Wednesday 7/4, departing between 8 and 8:30am) This route will be fun filled with plenty of Mountain Views and Twisty curves.  The total mileage of the route is 281 miles or 7hrs and 44mins of moving time. The route has a lunch spot planned in Easley, SC at Mutt's BBQ.

Tail of the Dragon and Cherohala Skyway: (Monday, 7/2 departing between 8 and 8:30am) This route will have you on two of the areas well known motorcycle roads.  Before traveling north on the Tail of the Dragon, stop in at Deal's Gap for a token and visit the Tree of Shame. Before departing be sure to get the URL information of the photographers, so you can check out your photos. Once departed from the Dragon, you will head south on 360 to Tellico for lunch at Tellicafe before heading back to Maggie Valley via the Cherohala Skyway. This route is also know on the maps as the Brown Loop, total mileage will be 239 miles or 5hrs and 56mins of moving time.

Blue Ridge Parkway, 226A Diamondback, Devil's Whip, and The Sidewinder: (Tuesday, 7/1 departing between 8 and 8:30am) This route could have you asking are we done yet!  Leaving in the morning from Maggie Valley you will head north with a nice ryde up the Blue Ridge Parkway for about 2hrs and 30mins or approximately 109 miles to Little Switzerland. At around 11:30am the route has you breaking for lunch at Mountain View Restaurant before taking a complete spin around 226A (otherwise known as the Diamondback). After making the loop, you will start your route back heading south down the Parkway to top of the Devil's Whip. Just when you think you are complete you will encounter The Sidewinder bring you back in towards Chimney Rock and Hendersonville, NC.  This route is action packed with great scenic views and plenty of the twists.  Total mileage will be 260 miles or 6hrs and 39mins of moving time.

Gatlinburg and The Rattler (209): (Sunday 7/1 departing at 1:30pm) This route is a run little route taking you in to downtown Gatlinburg and Roaring Fork Motor Trail before making your way Hot Springs.  Once in Hot Springs, you will head south back towards Maggie on Rt 209, which is also know as The Rattler. The Rattler has over 234 twists, turns and curves from Hot Springs to Lake Junaluska. After successfully concurring The Rattler you will stop in Waynesville at Bogart's Restaurant & Tavern for a bite to eat before heading back to Maggie Valley. Total mileage for this route is 166 miles or 4hrs and 30mins of moving time.

Return to Florida: This route is a direct flight home for anyone looking to make it back to Florida within a 9hrs or ryde or a total of 10hrs and 40mins.  The route has a combination of secondary routes and interstate.  If someone is looking to make the trip back to Florida over two days, you can surely find a resting spot off of I-95.  Based on projections we will be looking to leave the Maggie Valley area at 7:30am.  We will stop for lunch in Waynesboro, GA around Noon and should be in Jacksonville around 4:30pm.

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