This route could have you asking are we done yet!  Leaving in the morning from Maggie Valley you will head north with a nice ryde up the Blue Ridge Parkway for about 2hrs and 30mins or approximately 109 miles to Little Switzerland. At around 11:30am the route has you breaking for lunch at Mountain View Restaurant before taking a complete spin around 226A (otherwise known as the Diamondback). After making the loop, you will start your route back heading south down the Parkway to top of the Devil's Whip. Just when you think you are complete you will encounter The Sidewinder bring you back in towards Chimney Rock and Hendersonville, NC.  This route is action packed with great scenic views and plenty of the twists.  Total mileage will be 260 miles or 6hrs and 39mins of moving time.

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AuthorGary Carter