Interested In Starting Your Own Chapter?


We invite you to form a chapter of the US Spyder Ryders.  What do you get out of this?  What are the benefits?  
The answers are many part:

  1. We offer assistance, mentorship, support, and guidance with no rules or direction attached from us- your only rules are ones your chapter votes on.

  2. We provide bylaws (that you are still free to modify).

  3. We provide Liability Waiver forms for members and non member ryders (with significant research done to assure proper wording).

  4. We have an existing club website that you can piggyback -  we add the chapter and you have posting capability to provide all the features of the current website but only for your chapter functions - and this without the start up expense and significant start up workload to develop, as well as ongoing cost.

  5. We have club patches and decals for which we have already absorbed design cost and start up production - offered to you on volume discount.

  6. Although US Spyder Ryders Central Florida will have no say how you run your chapter, we can all band together for purchasing discounts and market impact.

  7. We offer discounts from National Spyder Vendor Suppliers (e. g., ) to all chapter members.

  8. We have a successful track record in recruiting, building the largest Spyder club in America.   We will assist you in recruiting in your geographic area if you wish and refer member requests for that area to your chapter.

  9. To the extent that you desire it we will participate in initial chapter events to help you get off the ground.

  10. We will offer entire organization events periodically that you may choose to participate in or not at your discretion.

  11. We have a Zazzle club store with extensive apparel with club logo - your price to purchase - the same as ours - no markup.

  12. The purpose of forming US Spyder Ryders was to have a club with no rules or interference from outsiders (non chapter members).   We wanted that for ourselves and assume that anyone that we help would want the same.

What do we get out of this?  We get the sense of accomplishment of helping to build chapters that people can be proud of without political interference.  Most importantly we gain friends and comrades with whom we can share our Spyder passion.

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