Meet at Route 1 Motorsports, 5110 US-1, Grant, FL 32949 at 9:30 am

The ride on March 25th to HAINES CITY does not seem to be catching on. I was sent an email by Cody Hawkins BRP and we would like to meet us and perhaps test ride the new F3 F3T. He said he would bring donuts and coffee to Route 1 and maybe after we devour the free treats we can go on a little ride somewhere. I need a head count of those who would like to attend. I'm sure Bradley and staff would love to see us anyway. We would meet there at 9:30 on March 25. The plan is to ride a local loop which is about 60 miles and end up at Malabar Mo's for lunch. Leave your name in the comment section below if you would like to go. 


AuthorDoug Chasick