Okay who is up for our third Beat the Heat Series Breakfast Ryde?  This is another early one to beat the heat and rain here in Central Florida.  We will leave the Kissimmee Area with a meet up at the Wawa that is just down from CFPS (Location Map).  Meet up @ 7am with a feet up at 7:30am sharp.  

We will then head up to Southern Charm Cafe @ in Cape Canaveral for Breakfast (Arrive around 10:20.  The route in to Cape Canaveral will have us taken some of the back road over to the Cape.  Who's up for this RYDE? This will be a 100 ryde or Just over 2hr and 40 mins with a 10 min break. (Grab a Water or something at Wawa prior to leaving).


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AuthorGary Carter
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