Spyder F3 Demo Truck Day @ CFPS  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Oct 25th

This will be an exciting day at Central Florida Powersports to test ride the new 2015 F3 Spyder.   Let's all show up to have fun, to show support for CFPS,  and to sample the latest design and technology that BRP/CFPS has to offer us.  The more we learn about the design of this bike it would seem to be a great experience to ryde it whether or not you like its appearance.  to make advance reservation go to site below and avoid waiting at the event.

Craig Anders of the Project Road Warrior organization will be a special guest at the Oct 25 Demo Day event at CFPS. We can meet Craig and talk about possible activities together in this coming year. This makes for an even more exciting day!

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AuthorJames Gerdes