March Of Dimes Bikers For BabiesSEP 20, 2014 - Law Escorted Ryde - Click For Route Dick's Wings, 6055 Youngerman Circle, Jacksonville, Florida

Overnighting for September 19th pre party at Country Inn & Suite 5945 Youngerman Circle, Jax   call hotel direct and mention bikers for babies for $74 rate

Group one - departing I4 eastbound rest area just past exit 94 at 2pm Friday 19th,  picking up more riders at I95 & SR 40 at Racetrac Gas station at 3pm, then on to Jacksonville

Group two cancelled due to lack of ride leader...  try to reach out to other riders so you won't have to ride up alone

The September 19th pre party is at 6pm at Dick's Wings and is open to all.  Other perks are going to $100 Heroes

We will not only ride in the law escorted ride but are the number one motorcycle riding club in fund raising for the charity. March of Dimes has effective online contribution solicitation tools that we hope you will all consider. We could really make a difference at this event. Bob C and Hal M are committee heads for the planning and formation of this event. We hope that you will support our efforts with the entire chapter membership participation. We will begin our formal fund raising campaign in June.

Each member can participate in one of three ways:

1.  The preferred way is to join the fund raising team, register to ryde in the ride on September 20th, and email out fund raising solicitations to family and friends during three months leading up to the event.

a)  To accomplish this go to b)  Click on Register Here in upper left corner c)  Click on I agree to terms d)  Check the box “join a team” e)  Select the team from the list “SpyderRyderofAmericaCFL” f)  Proceed with entering your personal information and registering for the ride if you like.

This will create a fund raising page of your own which you can post to Facebook if you like.   The site also has the ability for you to use it to contact any or all on your email list to ask them to support your fund raising efforts by making donations or joining the ride.   To achieve maximum affect, Hal has agreed to match up to $1500 of any donations made by or raised by our members.  Also Lincoln Financial Foundation, a prior client of Hal’s has agreed to match up to $1250 of Hal’s donation.    This is a chance to have a barrel of fun and really make a difference.

It could take a while to reach our goal, so some of us have already starting fund raising and we invite you to join us as soon as possible.

2.  Another way to support the event is to simply ryde in the ride. 

a)  To accomplish this go to b)  Click rider registration on lower left part of page.

The donation fee is $25 for the rider and $15 for the passenger for advanced registration, and will be $5 more for each on the day of the event.   Even if you are uncertain as to whether you can make the ride, this is a worthy cause and your early registration would contribute to our club goals.

3.  The final way is simply make a donation

a)  Go to b)  Click on “donate to a rider” and select a member of our chapter to donate to so that our chapter will get credit.

Board of Directors Spyder Ryder of America Central Florida Chapter

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