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The Spyder Ryders of America are registered for the Melbourne 4th of July Parade.  ALL are invited - Central Fl, C2C & any independent Spyders out there.  Thanks for signing up – we currently have 21 Spyders listed in the parade.  Please decorate your bikes as much as possible with the Red, White and Blues.  I would like Mike Savastano to lead our group with his Flag Spyder and follow with 2 side by side if we’re not too wide per their restrictions.  If we are – then we’ll stagger ryde the Spyders.  Parade participants are NOT allowed to throw any items to the spectators such as candy, gifts, promotional items, etc. from your vehicles or parade units.  You are allowed to hand out items to folks, but NOT throw anything.  Also, please follow any directions of the Melbourne Police Dept. as they control the flow of the parade.

We will be assigned a parade spot large enough for 20 to 30 Spyders along Melbourne Ave near the train overpass and Manatee Park.  A good GPS address for that location is 950 East Melbourne Avenue Melbourne, FL 32901.  We can start lining up as early as 8:30 AM, however you should be okay if you get there by 9:30 AM at the latest.  The route takes us through Historic Downtown Melbourne on New Haven Avenue and we turn right on Oak Street, ending at the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum.

We will then ryde to Fia's Ristorante & Pizzaria (4980 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne 32940) for lunch.

Thanks again for signing up and I look forward to seeing everyone there! - Fred R


AuthorJames Gerdes
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