Update for Saturday’s Ryde: We reconnoitered the route of next Saturday’s ryde today and it is an easy 90 miles plus what ever you need for the return from the Lone Cabbage. Including stops it will be just less than three hours to our destination. Lots of slow going the first two-thirds of the ride and then highway speed for the final stretch. Air boat rydes and gator tail on hand at the Lone Cabbage if you are so inclined. Doc says Jason is springing for breakfast at CFPS so be ther early with a full tank and an empty belly.


Ryde, Ryde, Ryde!!! Be there or be square. Saturday, April 6, Central Florida Power Sports, Kissimmee feet up at 0900. We will stop and see the hidden B-52 bomber at OIA, cruise between the runways there, ride through Medical City, along Saint Cloud's lakefront, bisect Deseret Ranch, cross the St. Johns River and finally stop at the Lone Cabbage for lunch going our merry ways afterward.

This is just about 100 miles with a gas stop half way and gas again at I-95 near our destination. It is an easy ride, flat and straight, a good one to get started riding with the group if you are of a mind to try one. As usual all Spyder ryders and their friends on two-wheelers are welcome. Look forward to seeing you at CFPS.

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