SRA CF Elections, Planning, & Cookout - January 19, 2013

Board Meeting: 1:30 PM General Meeting: 2:00 PM

Hal & Jenn's place

We will have most SRA patches on display for order or sale at the cookout and that while some can only be purchased through the club, even the ones from or sra national site are more expensive there than purchasing through our club.

Optional ryde to follow

Attending: Jim & Lisa G, Jeff J, Larry & Deb J, Chris & Kim G, Dutch & Martha J, RL & Mary G, Robert & Kathy M, Louis & Linda C, Chris B (CFPS), Al & Debbie M, Diana S, Roger M, Chet M, Hal & Jenn M

Regrets: Dave & Lynette P, Howard S, Phil & Joan J, David P

Spyder Sketch By William Geiger

AuthorJames Gerdes