I just purchased a new Spyder RTS trike last weekend and I've noted a problem with heat hitting the right side drivers foot.  It gets “Very uncomfortable” to the point where I can’t keep my foot on the peg all the time or risk getting burned and I can’t believe this is normal from the factory.   I've been made aware that there are after market fixes for this, but the way I look at it is after market fixes are alright for a used bike, but I’d feel better if this were addressed by the factory as it seems to be a definite manufacturer design flaw with their trike. So, I gave BRP a call ( 1-888-864-2002 ) and explained this scenario with the heat on my brand new trike.  They opened a case file and asked that I bring it back to the folks at Central Florida Power Sports where I purchased the new trike to get an official inspection report from an authorized service center, which I will be doing this weekend in hopes of a permanent solution.

I've been riding motorcycles and other recreational vehicles for over 40 years and have never experienced anything like this before, so I'm curious to know if this is a common issue with "all Spyder's" and would appreciate other owners input on this subject.   Thank You


AuthorJames Gerdes
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