First 1000 miles (actually 1160) on the 2016 Can Am Spyder F3 Limited - Hal Mette


Ok, to give this magnificent machine a fair evaluation for ryding two up, I added the top of the line passenger backrest from BRP.   The backrest is really something.   It is not only adjustable backwards and forward, but also has a lumbar support adjustment as well.   Its support area is about double that of the driver backrest.  It wraps around the passenger so provides stability when going around curves, and relieves the pressure on your handgrips and footpads that you would otherwise feel.   I had an aggressive friend take me for a test ryde as the passenger.  I told him not to be gentle with me.   (that was probably a mistake).   At any rate after slamming through the curves and hills at serious speed I am convinced that this configuration would be adequate for this to be the sole Spyder in a two up ryding family.   To further test I took my wife for a less than gentle ryde as well.   Her response pretty straightforward.  She said " it is infinitely better than the backseat with passenger backrest of our 2015 F3S, and infinitely better than the 2016 F3 Limited without the backrest. The airshock provides a smooth ryde over some reasonably rough roads and has not required any air additions or had problems of any kind.   In short this machine is a multifaceted HOME RUN.


This machine continues to impress the daylights out of me.  I did an Iron Butt Saddlesore 1000 mile ryde this past week bringing the 4 week mileage up sharply.

Clearly the machine is very durable when given this intensive start up test. 

This was the first F3T to complete an Iron Butt Ryde but there was another one present at the meet, indicating our growing acceptance in the long distance biker community.

I find the stock seat more comfortable for the driver than my RT Limited for long distance ryding.   The high speed highway ryde is smooth and the creative windshield design of vents and reverse curve, provides adequate wind protection at speeds of atleast 80mph.  I have ridden in light rain and the windshield was sufficient to protect along with the airflow, but I have not had the opportunity to ryde in downpour just yet.  Of course the handling is tighter and more responsive than any other Spyder that BRP has built to date.

At first I was concerned about the size of the rear saddlebags and wondered if they would be sufficient.  This week I packed full gear, clothing, tablet computer etc and went on a 4 day trip and came home with some clean unused clothing.   As it turns out, when you pack clothing in a soft side container such as a laundry bag, the the rear saddlebags hold about twice the clothing that I anticipated. The F3T will easily hold enough for a week long trip.

I can hardly believe how much I enjoy having a glove box again.  That was a small but great addition to this unit.


I currently see two areas for potential improvement.   

The very minor one is to allow a channel from the glove box so that a usb cable can travel out of the box while plugged in and still allow you to close the box watertight.  This would come in handy if you need to charge your SENA or other comm system and or your smart phone while continuing to use them instead of locking them away in the glove box.

The more significant improvement potential is with the seat comfort for the passenger.  I test rode as passenger and had 4 other folks do it as well.   All our assessments were the same.   The new shock provides for much better ryde quality, but unfortunately the seat is approximately 2 to 3 inches too short so each of us felt our tailbone hit on the rear edge of the seat causing pain during the ryde.

I still think if you test ryde the F3T you will want to buy one NOW


Yes I rode the new F3 1160 miles in one week after ryding my 2015 F3S 26000 miles in 11 months. I offer the following observations to compare the two rydes.

Performance - I was worried that the extra weight in the rear end would hamper the performance of the 2016. Not only can I not detect any difference in acceleration but the new shock system stabilizes the rear end so that it doesn’t fishtail as much if you are starting off like a rocket. The net result of more efficient traction may result in a better 1/4 miles time. Also that same shock makes the passenger ride much more similar to the RT.

Windshield - The vents and reverse curve on the stock windshield for 2016 F3 are nothing short of a brilliant design. The windshield allows you to look over it and yet still provides almost as much protection from wind as the RT gets. When I rode the 2015 F3 with the best available OEM windshield the buffeting was still unmerciful at highway speeds. That is no longer an issue. I would not even consider replacing this stock windshield. One caveat - I have not ridden the bike in heavy rain yet - but I will take it out the moment I get some nasty weather and update this post

Mirrors- The rearview mirrors are much more effective than the 2015 and you will not need extenders or relocators to insure your safety. The mirrors provide a much larger and more appropriate field of vision to your rear.

Sound System - The sound system built into the dash is awesome! At 50% volume I can hear my music from the speakers clearly at highway speed. I contrast this to the RT where at 100% volume that music sound was still garbled.  Speaker placement is ideal.

Storage - The addition of the rear saddlebags and the dash glovebox are much appreciated. The glove box is surprisingly deep and holds quite a bit.. I use the USB hookup there to power my IPod and to recharge my SENA (on long trip), and iPhone. It is actually more convenient than the power hookup in the trunk of the RT  The saddlebags don’t look terribly large at first blush, but I packed my rain gear and back up gloves in one side and enough clothes for a several day trip in the other side, leaving the Frunk free to protect my helmet during stops. Overall I feel the the increased storage is still shy of the RT but adequate for most circumstances.

Overall my guess is that if you test ryde the 2016 Can Am Spyder F3T, you will want to buy one!

AuthorJames Gerdes