"When not busy contemplating my death or dismemberment, I was having the time of my life. I was witness to a whole group of people discovering a love of the open road. There is a flavor of life not tasted by those in cars or trucks. With no cage to protect you, you place your trust in nature and the road stretched out before you. In return, both open themselves to you and reveal a side unseen by most.

The center line divides your thoughts. The mountains stand like an ancient chorus poised in grandeur to sing their verses of solitude. The wise, old hills listen as your silent heart pours out its contents. The details of your life float away as though dandelions scattered by the wind to be swallowed by rolling, emerald pastures. And as you ride through a countryside that exudes life, you can’t help but to get some on you."

Andy McCarty - Director, Veteran and Military Services at Northeastern University


AuthorJames Gerdes