Brickyard Chapter Scavenger Hunt

Indiana is chock-full of interesting history, beautiful scenery, amazing places, and hidden treasures!

We have put together a season-long event for the Brickyard Chapter. The idea behind this is getting members to use our chapter’s website, visit our sponsoring dealerships, participate in chapter charities, and learn something about the state of Indiana while putting some mileage on their motorcycles.

Start Date: January 1, 2019

End Date: November 30, 2019

Finals results/standings will be announced at the Brickyard Chapter annual Christmas Party in December.



Members will be tasked to visit various locations throughout Indiana and take a picture that includes the targeted location and their Spyder or membership cards. Check each list and task for specific instructions.


Brickyard Chapter Events – Sign-up on the website for the event, check-in with Board Member at the event, participate in the event, and be included in the group photo.

Brickyard Chapter Charities - Sign-up on the website for the event, sign-up/register with the charity, check-in with Board Member at the event, participate in the event, and be included in the group photo.


Another Place Another Time – Indiana cities named after foreign countries or cities. Picture to include "City Limits" or "Welcome To" sign with your Spyder.

Tale Of 2 (or more) Cities – Indiana cities that share name with one or more other states. Picture to include water tower or building with city name and your Spyder.

“Welcome To…” Highway Signs – Choose any “Welcome To…” highway sign in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio and take a picture of it along with your Spyder.

Gravesites – Picture to include the grave marker/head stone and your membership card.

Garfield Statues - Marion, and surrounding Grant County, Indiana have erected a series of statues around the area depicting the comic strip character Garfield. The brainchild of local leader Pete Beck (a county councilman at the time), the basic idea is to place a likeness of Garfield in each community in the county. It is hoped that as the project matures Garfield fans will travel to Grant County and make a circuit to see all of the statues. The statues are made of hollow fiberglass after private fundraising provides for the construction at each location. Indiana native and creator of Garfield, Jim Davis has donated the artwork to create the statues royalty free. Picture to include the statue and your Spyder where possible. Otherwise, a picture of the statue and your membership card will suffice.

Covered Bridges - There are 98 historic wooden covered bridges in the U.S. state of Indiana. Fourteen of these bridges were built before 1870 and represent the most common truss styles (Burr Arch) in Indiana. Parke County bills itself as the covered bridge capital of the world. Combined with six counties that surround it, there are 51 of Indiana’s 98 covered bridges in this small area: Parke County (32), Putnam County (9), Fountain County (3), Vermillion County (3), Montgomery County (2), Owen County (1) and Vigo County (1). The majority, 54, are Burr Arch truss designs, while the next most common truss style is a Howe Truss with 23. One each of the older style King Post and Queen Post are located in the western part of the state; Philips Bridge, west of Rockville in Parke County and Irishman Bridge, south of Terre Haute in Vigo County, respectively. Indiana also has examples of the Long Truss and the Smith Type IV Truss. The remaining span of the Bell Ford Bridge, northwest of Seymour in Jackson County, collapsed in January 2006. It was the last standing example of a Post Truss covered bridge in the world. Picture to include the covered bridge and your Spyder.

SUBMIT COMPLETED TASKS: [1] Picture, [2] task # (i.e. BY002), and [3] member name will be submitted via e-mail for each task. Pictures need to be of such quality that the target/task and motorcycle (or membership card) are easily identifiable. Please limit submissions to no more than 3 pictures per e-mail. To submit pictures/tasks click on the “EMAIL” icon on the left.

Click HERE to download a two-page check list to keep track of your completed scavenger hunt tasks. Choose “Open In Preview” to print.

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