We will be closing this chapter unless someone takes over. All that needs to be done is to offer one meet & greet and one group ryde per month on a regular schedule. If the chapter is active and consistent people will join and participate.

We need some leadership in this area to help this chapter become active/organized again. I have received several inquiries from people in the area interested in ryding with other Spyders and getting the chapter active again. Ideally there should be at least five energetic people (board members) in charge of keeping the chapter active and rolling year to year with the help of the other chapter members.

You would have a great support system within US Spyder Ryders and I would always be available to you and the chapter at any time and for any reason.

There are two active chapters in Ohio (Central Ohio and Greater Cincinnati) who would also offer support.

Northeast Ohio Chapter Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/USSpyderRyders.NortheastOhio/

Northeast Ohio Chapter Website: http://www.usspyderryders.com/oh-northeast-ohio

James Gerdes
US Spyder Ryders Co-Founder
US Spyder Ryders Midwest Chapters Mentor
Brickyard Chapter (Central Indiana) Co-Founder & President

The objective of the US Spyder Ryders Northeast Ohio Chapter ryding club is to promote Can-Am Spyders and Spyder ryding along with motorcycling in general, while focusing on having fun and at the same time attempting to do the most good for our community and local charities. We cater to Can Am Spyder Ryders, but we welcome ryders of 2 wheel bikes and trikes!


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