Saturday, February 10, 2018


We will be starting out from our favorite sponsoring dealership (Central Florida PowerSports) and will ryde to our lunch and meeting destination in Mount Dora. For those that have attended this meeting in the past and those that are new, this meeting will be used to vote in the 2018 Board Members along with voting on which 501c3 Charities will be our primary focus for the coming year per our Bylaws.

We have also opened our 2018 Board Nominations Form (click here to direct access form). We will once again be utilizing our website and a custom form for the nomination process. Within the form, you will find a description of the main responsibilities for each position we will be voting on along with a listing of all current paid members through January 10, 2017 that are eligible to hold office.  Please select a member you wish to nominate in each drop-down and click the submit button.  From there your submission will be recorded and we will begin to draft ballot sheets for our meeting.  Nominations will be accepted up to Wednesday, February 7th and I ask that before nominating either yourself or someone else for a position please make sure you read the requirements which are posted prior to entering the form.

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Ryde and Lunch Details - 

Meet up -
         Central Florida PowerSports at 9:00am

Feet up will be at 9:30am, route to lunch will be 94 miles. Lunch will be at Vincent's Italian Restaurant in Mt Dora with an arrival time of 12:30pm.

To Download the GPS File Click Here

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