Hope Bike Run - November 14, 2015

On November 14 a ride has been organized to benefit Florida United Methodist Children's Home. This facility provides services for children that are alone and children removed from abusive homes. This facility provides counseling and many different services for the children. The ride is for the collection of toys for the children at Christmas. This facility also provides an independent living quarters for those children that have turned 18 and need a place to live. These young adults must have a job and assist in their daily needs.   I have attended the first meeting for this ride and was provided a tour of the facility.  More riders are needed for the ride as their needs are great. The ride ends at the Children's Home were a play by the children will be presented. There is no-smoking or alcohol will be served. A tour of the facility will be provided on request. Once this is completed the ride adult refreshments will be provided at a local establishment. The children will be judging bikes. There is a chapter challenge and the chapter with the largest number of people will be provided a small reward. After the next meeting of the group I will send the information to the web site.   Please consider becoming a part of this ride. - Kathy Murphy

AuthorJames Gerdes
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