Destination Spyder - October 18, 2014

Destination Spyder Biketoberfest 2014 Oct 18th  Outlaw Laser Alignment BBQ in Edgewater, Florida   3113 South Ridgewood Ave. Edgewater, Fl 32141 - Laser alignments, Arachind tires, and other vendors present. Our own SpyderLyter Fred will be furiously installing LEDs on Oct 16,17, & 18th

2nd annual Biketoberfest BBQ at True Laser Track headquarters 3113 S, Ridgewood Ave. (US #1) Edgewater Fl , just a short drive down US 1 from Daytona. Shop will be open from Oct 13th-18th for Arachnid tires, ROLO floorboards and accessories and True Laser Track Aligns....the list of other vendors will be forthcoming...all the excitement will culminate with a FREE BBQ on Saturday Oct 18th from 10-12....

AuthorJames Gerdes
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