What: SRA CF Annual Meeting & Pot Luck/CookoutWhere: Larry & Deb Joiner community clubhouse - 101 Honeymoon Island Way, Groveland, Florida When: JAN 18, 2014 - Arrive 11:00 AM - Eat 11:30 AM - Meeting 12:30 PM

We will elect 2014 officers and discuss various items of business for the group at this session but prior to the business meeting will have a potluck meal with the club providing entre, beverages, bread, condiments, eating utensils, and napkins.

We ask that each of you post your attendance plans as well as what food you will bring (salads, vegetables, other side items or desserts are needed). We had quite a feast last year and believe this year will be the same.

Only active i.e. due paid members can eat at the annual meeting for free since their dues purchased the main food. Non dues payors should plan on bringing a $7.50 entree fee if they plan to eat at the meeting.

If you feel that you can benefit the Chapter, don’t like the direction the Chapter is heading and want to improve things, like the direction the direction the Chapter is heading and want to do your part, or just want to find out how the Chapter operates this meeting is for you. This is the format and opportunity to voice your opinion. Don’t hide behind you computer screen. Step up to the plate and help YOUR ryding club.

Current nominations are as follows; President: Hal Mette Vice President: Fred Reese Secretary/Parliamentarian: Deb Joiner Webmaster: James Gerdes Road Captain - Heartland Region: Robert Culver Road Captain - Heartland Region: Larry Joiner Meet & Eat Captain - Heartland Region: Ray Hartsell Road Captain - Atlantic Region: Fred Reese Road Captian - Atlantic Region: **open** Meet & Eat Captain - Atlantic Region: Bruce Lininger Road Captain - Gulf Region: **open** Road Captain - Gulf Region: **open** Meet & Eat Captain - Gulf Region: **open**

** We are discussing filling these positions from new members in Gulf Region. Until we have volunteers, the officers from other regions will be asked to alternate responsibility to help develop membership in Gulf Region.


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