Who will win the second half mileage contest? Get out and ryde! 2013 First Half Winners 1st - 11,736 - Hal M - $50 CFPS Gift Certificate 2nd - 11,455 - Jim G - $25 CFPS Gift Certificate 3rd - 11,383 - Chris G - $25 CFPS Gift Certificate ========= It's that time. Please take a picture of your Spyder's odometer. Be sure to include your driver license (or name on a slip of paper) in the picture. That will help me keep track of which photo belongs to which member. E-mails (with photo) received by July 3 will be considered for period 1 and period 2. E-mails (with photo) received after July 3 will be considered for period 2. ========= SRA CF members are having a mileage contest in 2013. The first period will be January through June and the second period will be July through December. CFPS gift cards will be awarded ryders with the top mileage in each period.

Members who have not already "registered" their mileage will need to have a board member record the member name, model year & name, dealer, and mileage. You can do this at any future rydes or get-togethers.

AuthorJames Gerdes