Meet & Eat TUE 02/12 6:30 PM Bonefish Willy’s 2459 B Pineapple Avenue Melbourne, FL 32935 http://www.bonefishwillys.com/ 321.253.8888





Jym G: Great view of the Indian River, great weather, great food, great friends, and a great time!  Thank you to Diana L. & Zoro and Hal M. for putting on some miles to get here! Thank you to the locals that turned out.

Hal BikerDoc: The special tonight was grouper bruchetta on a bed of pasta.. Wow was it fantastic!!!  I am home now too.. had extra miles from detour caused by 18 wheeler flipping on the 520 exit. ended up with 316 miles for the day

Diana L: Zorro and I just got home! The ride home was perfect! I-95 all the way back. Really enjoyed seeing ya all!

Linda C: That really was a great place! We had fun with all that joined us & we missed those that couldn't....



AuthorJames Gerdes
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